[Project for your trip ‘KEEP CALM AND TRAVEL ON’]

(It is one of the parody versions of ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’)

‘KEEP CALM AND TRAVEL ON'(KCATO) is the project that helps you meet new friends and make memorable moments in your trip.

Get your KCATO goods?

Then, you are ready!

“Share your passion and experience about your trip!”

During the trip, hand over the KCATO goods to your new friends.

It is great gift for people you meet for the first time.

This time, it is Osaka, Japan.

What is the first thing comes to your mind about Osaka?

Osaka castle? Lots of famous restaurants?

For me, it is Dotonbori and the famous ‘Glico man’.

I have designed my symbol of Osaka based on the ‘Glico man’.

The character which could replace the ‘Glico man’, I dare, is the cat; beloved the most in Japan.

Let me introduce, the ‘OSAKA CAT’.


I made KCATO sticker for KCATO project 2 years ago, in my US trip.

I thought I would go different way this time.

That is how I come up with ‘OSAKA CAT’, promotional character for the KCATO project.

Since it is a summer season, I put my precious cat on the fan and other goods as well!

It’s style and wording go along with Japan, too! Would this small gift be a bridge to new friends in your trip?

I hope so.

[OSAKA CAT Design]


[OSAKA CAT Application]